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The 10th World Bamboo Congress

The 10th World Bamboo Congress will take place in South Korea, hosted by the delegation of Damyang-gun. Damyang county is located in the southwest corner of South Korea, in Jeollanum-do. The 10th World Bamboo Congress take place over 5 days, 17-22 Sept in 2015. The city will also host the “World Bamboo Fair 2015” for six weeks, from September 17 – October 31, 2015. The Opening of the WBC will take place on September 18, with the added significance of celebrating World Bamboo Day!

World Bamboo Day – September 18

How will you celebrate?
Will you be with us on Opening Day of the 10th WBC — World Bamboo Day September 18?
Join Kamesh Salam, Michel Abadie and myself to share in an wonderful celebration in Korea!

World Bamboo Pioneers

We have created a Facebook page for the special people in the world of bamboo who have been honored as World Bamboo Pioneers. Check it out. We look forward to honoring a new group of Pioneers in Korea at the 10th WBC!

Bamboo Ambassadors Unite!

Ever since the beginning of WBO, you have been a part of the team, helping to make our organization grow and be effective. I think you know how much energy I (and President Michel Abadie) have put into building the World Bamboo Organization into a well-respected, independent, non-governmental community that shares and promotes.

We started with a board of directors, and then evolved to an Honorary Council, and now we have initiated changes to our administration to reflect an even more horizontal structure to encourage creative collaboration. So please welcome a new team of World Bamboo Ambassadors!

The Bamboo Ambassadors are blazing forward, enthusiastic and energetic and committed to promoting bamboo. It is a mutually beneficial scenario; we will do our best to cross-pollinate our efforts and help promote each other, while doing our best to promote bamboo. Take a look at this poster, which will be on display at the upcoming World Bamboo Fair, for all the world to see who we are — and hopefully we will inspire more people to be ambassadors for promoting bamboo.

Please also take a look at our new WBO website. Send us some news of your work, projects, concerns, whatever, and we will share them on the website.

Thank you!

Want to join us as a Sponsor?

We are a grass-roots organization …. membership is free. We are supported solely by commercial sponsors and administered by VOLUNTEERS from around the word – a team of Ambassadors.

We communicate via electronic newsletter, group pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, and participation at various bamboo conferences and meetings around the world.
Our newsletter goes to over 2,300 individual members from over 42 countries, with over 5,000 followers on FB. We are tweeting (@worldbamboo) when we want to share articles or issues about bamboo, sharing whatever we think peole are interested in hearing about, all because we care sincerely about bamboo.

If you are in the business of bamboo, and feel like WBO is making a difference, please join us ! Contact Sonja at for more info.


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